Here you will find the latest news about our classroom activities.

Classroom News for May 26, 2014

Classroom Schedule:

A Days: Art and Spanish

B Days: Music

C Days: Spanish, Book Checkout

D Days: P. E.

Here is the link for the West Maple A,B,C,D schedule for the year, West Maple ABCD Schedule

Important Dates:

Wednesday June 3rd: Field Day
Wednesday June 10th: End of Year Third Grade Party
Friday June 12th: Last day of school, 1/2 day

Our class had a wonderful time studying trickster tales and the features of this genre. They are now excited to be working on poetry. Each day we are studying a poem and then the students get to write a similar poem. We are also going over many of the features of poetry, like alliteration, hyperbole, personification, similes, and metaphors. The students are having fun exploring and sharing their poems.

Our class has finished their realistic fiction writing pieces and the stories are located on our Realistic Fiction writing pages or you can get to them by following this link Realistic Fiction Stories. We hope to have all the stories posted in the next few days.

The class is now working on a research project to persuade others about a public issue. This goes along with our social studies unit, as the students are deciding if Michigan should put wind farms in the Great Lakes. As a class we have been looking at other areas that have placed wind turbines along their shores and the positive and negative outcomes from this. Starting this week, the students will be choosing their stance on the issue and they will prepare to write their argument. It will be interesting to see their persuasion techniques!

Word Study:
With M-STEP testing, we have decided to finish our word sorts for this year. The students did a great job and they will be ready to pick up word study again in fourth grade.

In Math, the students have been exploring geometry and different shapes and categories of quadrilaterals. They have been working on classifying shapes for all of the labels they fit under, like a square can be a rectangle and a parallelogram. This week, we will be looking at parts of shapes and how fractions account for these measurements. The students will also be reviewing word problems involving area and perimeter of shapes. There will be a unit assessment towards the end of next week.

The fact quizzes are going well and we are still doing them on Fridays and throughout the week. Please feel free to send me an email if you feel your child is ready to take one, on any particular day.

In Science, the students did a great job working with our balances and finding out how much mass was in a solid. We are now looking at the changes in state of matter and how melting and freezing are important for this. With M-STEP testing ending on Friday for most students, we will get back into exploring matter next week.

Social Studies:
Mrs. Roth teaches our class Social Studies. You can find information about Social Studies by going to her class wiki or following this link, Mrs. Roth's Wiki Newsletter.

Summer Learning Opportunity: