Here are the expert topics that our class studied! We used Show Me to produce these informative pieces for you to learn about our topics. Enjoy!

The Moon

Moon Phases by: Mrs. Francis


Baby Horses by Eden
Palomino Horses by: Avanee


How Snakes Climb, Glide, and Swim by: Daniel
How Snakes Catch Their Food by: Brady


How to Take Care of a Cat by Thais
Kittens Growing Up by: Mia

Cold Animals

Arctic Foxes by: Kaitlyn
Penguins by:Andie
Polar Bears by:Jillian


What Sharks Eat by: Ian
Three Types of Sharks by: Jackson

Martial Arts

Karate by: Alex
Wrestling by: Mouhamed D.


What Wolves Eat by: Caleb
How Wolves Survive by: Harold
Wolves Eating by: Michael

Sea Creatures

Sea Turtles: Shells and Flippers by: Josh K.
Sharks are Dying by: Josh G.

Natural Disasters

Floods by: Edgar
Creating a Tornadoby: Aksel


Koalas are Great Climbersby: Shelby
Where Koalas Live by: Hannah