My Turkey Journal
Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.
Turkey's Name bay max

Nickname big hero

Age 2

Hometown Franklin

Favorite Movie big hero 6

Favorite Sport soccer

Favorite Book Michigan chillers

Favorite Color blue

Height 4to5in

Weight 2

Eye Color blue

Feather Colors purpel pink green

Personality funny smart

Best Character Trait long small

Hobbies play sports play games

Most Embarrassing moment when his pants went down in public

Best Memory when he was just made

Awards Won running 20 laps staying under water for 2 min

Plans for the Future being a professional soccer player


Add your nightly journal entries below. Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph! Have fun!
Example Journal Entry:
11-11-14 Today was a blast! First, I (give a detail with adjectives and action verb here). Next, I (give another detail and maybe use some dialogue with action here). After that, I (more details with good adjectives/verbs-NOT overused boring words). Finally or Last, I (more details). I wish all days could be like today. REMEMBER TO USE SHOW-DON'T TELL and FEELINGS!
Journal Entry
November 12
First, I left my turkey at home cause I could not find him. I told my teacher I forgot him at home. When I got home I saw that he messed up the house.
I made him clean up his mess and then we played a game together.
November 13
Sleepover Day
First, I am playing with my bud's basketball and messing up the room. I messed up the report cards and gave Alex all mastered then I went to bed
November 14